Harrisonburg, VA

Dear Time..

The world I live in does not value you. It wastes you on futile, intrinsic things, seemingly trying to quicken your passage. As Christians, we need to be better stewards - you are a precious, finite gift that God gave us temporarily.

Join us this November. We will open Ephesians 5:15 and glean how to walk judiciously and redeem the fleeting time we have left.

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Владимир Миняков

Kansas City, MI

Олег Артемьев

Harrisonburg, VA

Игорь Кружков


Our three days together will be packed with inspiring sermons, late night fellowship, and food.

This will be time well spent, with great people, plenty of smiles, and God-inspired Scripture.

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We will gather to eat in the second building and then move to the main building for the conference.

Morning service, seminars, questions and asnwers, and an evening bonfire.

Church service, lunch, and for those who want to stay longer, coffee and fellowship.

  1. Registration

    Come early to get your name tag and get to know other attendees.

  2. Church Service

    Join us for the opening service of the conference.

  3. Dinner

    Join us for dinner after the service. Grab a plate, socialize, and make sure you have a place to stay at.